Chickens in the Basement

I love to write and I love to laugh. When I write, I get to the point quick. My stories would fit on the back of a postcard. They usually make me chuckle. And you know what they say, "It's all about me!"

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Reindeer Summer Camp

Yesterday afternoon, I looked out my bedroom window and discovered several of Santa's flight crew were grazing in the back yard.
Initially, I thought there were two. Vixen hovered near the woods while the brazen Blitzen was near the house and chowing on my weedy lawn!
We opened the back door quietly and went onto the deck.

He heard us, but wasn't bothered by our presence!

Then, out of my flower bed came this big guy!

Dasher had eaten all of the hydrangeas he could reach and was on to the weeds!

If only the stupid pole to the birdhouse wasn't there, this would have been a fabulous shot!

I know a few hunters who would have loved to see these guys!

When Santa whistled for the crew to return to the sleigh, Vixen beat the boys into the woods.

With a challenge issued by Vixen, Dasher was off!

Blitzen brought up the rear! I'm sure Vixen won this particular reindeer game!
Santa, you owe me a couple of hydrangea bushes!
NOTE: Riley Dog slept peacefully on the porch in the garage while Reindeer Summer Camp was going on in the back yard!