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Friday, June 11, 2010

101 Things that Make Me Happy!

I was tagged by my buddy Stacey at Flotsam and Jetsam for this one! Good timing, too, since I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and need to remember the many things that make me so happy! Here they are...
1. My Boys
2. My Husband
3. Riley Dog
4 through 8. Skippy and the Girls (Cora, Ruby, Shakira and Chrissy)
9. The Basement
10. The best neighbors in the world!
11. SuzAnna's Antiques
12. Working at the USO
13. A movie that makes me laugh until I cry!
14. Sudoku...especially when I can finish the puzzle.
15. Walking with my boys.
16. Finding treasures while hiking in the woods.
17. Getting a handwritten letter in the mail.
18. Driving with no destination and no time restraints.
19. Watching my kids when they don't know I'm looking.
20. Sewing quilts
21. Needle point
22. Trips to the mountains.
23. Janet Evanovich books.
24 thru 28. A bottle of glue, a pile of paints and brushes, old buttons and jewelry.
29. Taking off in an airplane.
30. Painting furniture.
31. Selling something I made.
32 thru 34. A clean house...done by somebody else...without me asking.
35. A cold diet coke.
36. Dark chocolate candy.
37. Reading blogs.
38 Writing.
39. Packages in the mail.
40. Being by myself.
41. Looking at the flowers blooming in my yard.
42. Cutting the grass.
43. Pulling weeds.
44 thru 47. Picking cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes in my garden
48. Watching my chicklets.
49. Walking with Terri.
50. Playing with Mary's new babies.
51. Date nights with Tony.
52. Going to BoJangles in the convertible with the top down.
53. A good old country Auction!
54. Lucking up on a yard sale with good crap!
55. Dress pants in my size on sale!
56. Clark's shoes.
57. Visiting Mom and checking chores off her list.
58. Hanging out with my niece.
59. Mexican food.
60. Specifically, chili rellenos! YUM!
61. Christmas with extended family!
62. Watching my Dad talk to my boys.
63. Cooking with my Mom.
64. Watching a good marching band perform.
65. The last day of school.
66. The first day of school.
67. The noises Riley Dog makes when I rub his belly.
68. Sleeping late.
69. My laptop!
70. The first fire of the season.
71. Lightning bugs!
72. Feeding Japanese Beetles to Cora Bell.
73. Pretty old dishes.
74. Yoga.
75. Newly laid, still warm eggs.
76. Time to sew.
77. Stumbling upon wild animals.
78. The smell of gardenias...only when they are outside.
79. Using my power tools.
80. Old photos.
81. Marking a bill PAID!
82. Eating dinner on the back deck.
83 thru 87. Purple, red, yellow, orange and green.
84. Rocking on the front porch.
85. Watching the birds and squirrels snack on corn.
86. A vase of fresh flowers from my yard.
87. No laundry in the basket.
88. The boys spending time together without bickering!
89. Reading a good book.
90. Bonfires.
91. Vintage rhinestone jewelry!
92. Books on CD.
93. Magnolia trees.
94. Learning something new.
95. Angels.
96. Granny's Christmas ornaments.
97. Red doors.
98. To Kill a Mockingbird
99. Getting home early.
100. Curly hair.
101. Did I mention my boys?
Okay guys! Here's the challenge...see how many things you can come up with that makes you happy. I could easily add 100 more things to this list! Let me know if you create a list so I can see what I'm missing!


Linda said...

Wonderful list! It's great to take a little minute and remember all that does make us happy...but wait? did you mention the boys? Oh yes #1 :)

Pixie said...

i did a list and could have easily done another 100 too!

hope you have a splendid weekend!

Sharon said...

Anna, either I am an ungrateful old bat, or I am depressed, but I started a list and got to 13, then I was stumped. Couldn't put Jill down, she tore apart the large sofa pillow while we were gone today. Couldn't be DH, who treated the situation badly and got all over me because I didn't leave her outside when we left. Going out to dinner is out, because look what I cam home to. You can see my problem........... :(

Barbara said...

Six. Oh well.

Vintage Christine said...

When you first think about it, coming up with 100 things that make you happy sounds pretty daunting. But after reading your post and Pixie's it seems like you could go on and on and on. I think I'll give it a try tomorrow--right now I'm none too happy with the real estate people over in Florida. Now if you asked me to list 100 things that piss me off about real estate people in Florida . . .

Dina said...

Great list. Funny how once you start the list keeps growing. Have a nice weekend!

Little Messy Missy said...

Very nice list!!! Stopped at 275!!!!

ted and bunny said...

I cheated- being happy makes me happy (and now I've got a bit of extra time to do it!)
Have a lovely weekend- and a happy one

Zootsuitmama said...

Great! I love your idea. One thing that would for sure be on my list would be discovering your blog, and your great sense of humor! ZOotsuitmama

Debra@Common Ground said...

Great list, hard to beat the small and simple things in life!

Stacey said...

I loved learning more about you and what makes you happy - It was great seeing all the things that make you smile! Thanks for participating:)

Mimi said...

Your list made me happy! I love positive people! Lots of things make me happy (too many to list), and I like the idea of taking the time to think about them. Thanks for the idea!!!