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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bits and Pieces...

In just a few more days, our friend Linda will be turning 60. As a twist on birthday celebration, she gave presents away! And, BONUS, I'm a winner! I won Linda's Christmas in June (actually, it was May at the time) gift box. And what a box it is!

She included everything!

Not just place mats, napkins and cute little dessert dishes, she also sent two place settings of silverware!

And this cookie cookbook has me planning some goodies for my near future! See the pretty little cross stitch ornament?

Snowman napkins, paper plates, a little statue, a tea towel, and the stacked salt, pepper and toothpicks snowman on the right are going to be wonderful additions to my Christmas supplies! Is that all?

NO WAY! You know she had to include this fabulous chicken mug! I love it all!

Thank you so much Linda! Make sure you visit her blog...
Tell her I sent you!
Last night, I went over to Mary's to get photos of that ugly little peacock I showed you earlier this week. Turns out, nobody was home. But I was not alone! These guys were my escort!

Actually, the black goat grabbed me on my way out...literally! My shirt looked like it would taste really good! The other guys walked me to the chicken coop and showed off their feathered friends.

Mary has a little bit of everything in her yard!

That cute baby bunny posed a little for me. See the ears of his brothers and sisters behind him?

As I was headed out, Mary came home. A quick trip in the house, and I had the shot I was looking for!

Remember that pitiful looking peacock I showed you last week? He had just hatched.

This is the same guy three days later! He's still not looking much like a peacock!

And, this is my favorite bloom at the moment. This hydrangea is as big as my head!


Dina said...

BaaaaaBaaaaaa.....cute Christmas package. It is perfect that she included the chicken coffee mug. Congrats on winning.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Congrats Mz Chickens, we love you!

Christmas in June! Mom would have loved it. =)

Awwweeee the babies are always soooo cute!

Sure I said this before, as a girl I used to take goats out for walks on leashes (I used to volunteer at the local animal shelter, which also took in farm animals). It was fun!

Happy Sunday!

Sharon said...

How fortunate for you to win the Christmas prize! Cute chicken mug.

The baby peacock looks so much better, even if he doesn't quite look like his elders yet.

That doesn't seem like being escorted, seems more like an entourage! LOL Then the fun of herding them home!

Linda said...

So glad you enjoyed the Christmas package! I fell in love with that mug and bought it just for you of course!! Gosh only 3 days till I'm celebrating the Big 60!! Thanks for being such a great friend!

ted and bunny said...

Christmas in June- what a fab idea.
One year Ted and I had such a horrible Christmas we had a complete re-run in February, turkey, tree, decs the lot- it was the best "Christmas" we ever had!

Love the little peacock, he's certainly looking chirpier (sorry!)

Love the chicken mug too- lucky you
ps the mosaic photos are great, it's my new favourite thing to do, sad person that I am!

LemonyRenee' said...

Fun post, Anna! A baby peacock? Oh, I would love to raise him. But they are so loud when they are grown! I really must have a goat one day. Great win you have there!

Barbara said...

Lucky you!

Mr. Peacock looks much better, and I love all the pics of the animals. I'm a sucker for them you know.

Stacey said...

It's so cool to see a baby peacock in it's various stages! He looks more like a duck or something. It will be neat to see how the colors progress. And those bunny ears! Too cute!

Ninny said...

You scored a nice gift! How fun to get Christmas in the summertime! Love all the little animals. Bunny ears in the sweet!


Van said...

Cute chicken mug! I'm loving the shots of all the cute critters! Sweet blog.

Vintage Christine said...

Well, what I WANTED to write yesterday but Blooger (that is not a typo) wouldn't let me leave comments, was that the peaCOCK might be a peaHEN and if so she'll always be drab. I mean, can you tell what sex it is already???

Amber Von Felts said...

Look at all those critters! It's like a trip to Old Mac Donald's farm!

Zootsuitmama said...

Very cute, love the green she used mixed with the red. But please...dont make me get out my Christmas yet! Zootsuitmama

Little Messy Missy said...

That hydrangea is beautiful!!!