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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Doggy Does Dishes

A couple of months ago, I threw a hissy fit over the lack of help I was getting from my family with dishes. Everyone would eat dinner, usually accompanied with complaints about what I had fixed, then get up and walk away from the table, leaving behind dirty dishes, piles of napkins and spilled milk. I can’t remember when this started or why I let it happen, but NO MORE!

You will put your dishes in the dishwasher after you eat. Clear your plate into the trash can (I have to be VERY specific!) Don’t pile anything in the sink. Don’t leave glasses with dried milk in the bottom sitting on the counter. If you spill, wipe it up with a damp wash cloth. If it is milk, rinse the cloth out. Easy, right?

They complied half-assedly with grumbles and groans. In an effort to return things to the old way of life, ie. I am their slave, they put dishes in the washer backwards, lay glasses on their sides, put a small plate where a big pot should go. Determined to make things work out my way, I would make them come back and figure out a better way of loading the dishwasher…MY WAY!

Progress!! For a couple of weeks, they were doing a good job. I didn’t even have to remind them to take their plates with them when they left the table.

This morning, all of that came crashing to a halt when I caught Riley Dog standing on the open door to the dish washer. Not just his front paws, all four feet! (Of course, he wouldn't repeat this pose when I got the camera out!) When I called his name, he turned around with half a cheeseburger in his mouth, torn between the thrill of the find and being caught doing it. Back to square one!

If I wasn’t sure they would just crawl into the bed and sleep on it, I would start putting their half eaten burgers and pop tart wrappers in their beds. Knowing I would have to wash their sheets and re-make their beds is a good deterrent for me!


Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

That is hilarious and I totally understand. I finally got my husband to take his dinnerware from the table to the counter, but that's as far as it got. I thought it was a macho thing until our gay friend Beau did the same thing. You know why? It's that missing rib! They can't make the turn towards the dishwasher without that rib they gave up to make us. Doesn't excuse the laziness, just explains it in my mind. Love your dog!

AngelMc said...

My beloved eats in the kitchen on a stool in front of the dishwasher!!! And he still has to be reminded to put his dishes in it!!!! And one of my chihuahuas loves the dishwasher, she loves to lick the inside of the door...It must be like Kate said...a man thing.