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Friday, April 3, 2009

Afternoon in the Garden of Good and Evil

Yesterday, I wrote about my favorite sign that spring is coming. My hummingbirds are hitting the feeders about 5 times a day while I'm looking. No telling how often they come when I'm not looking. With all of that excitement, it never occurred to me that my least favorite thing comes out in spring, too.

With the weather absolutely perfect today, I have painted furniture, dug a trench by my garden bed, hauled away the dirt, flattened the tire on my wheelbarrow, moved a Daphne plant from one location to another, pruned dead sections off of shrubs and cut the grass. It was while I was cutting the grass that I broke out in a cold sweat. It happens every time!

There in the grass, in the section I had just cut, was a snake, it's head just above the grass, it's body as big around as my ring finger, and long enough to loop around on himself a couple of times. I'm not sure if he was running from me or if I had already done the running (over top of him). All I know is I wasn't hanging out to get a better look or making a run for my camera so I could post a photo of him! These photos were borrowed from Google!

I made myself stay outside after I saw him, sort of like getting back on the horse that threw you, but every time I dug up and earthworm or a root sprang free of the ground, I was ready with my shovel to chop and run.

Before you shoot me a nasty e-mail on the merits of snakes, I know, I know! They keep mice away; they do all kinds of great things for your yard, etc. etc. I don't kill them (on purpose), I just don't like them!

Where are my hummingbirds when I need them?


Jenny S said...

I HATE SNAKES! I still cringe when I think about the one in the office of the shop! If it had not been found I never would have put my hand under the desk again!

Em said...

Yikes - that would scare me too! I like snakes... as long as they don't sneak up on me!