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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome to the Neighborhood?

There is an unusual phenomenon that occurs every year in the Bayleaf area of Raleigh. Behind the Fire Department is a water tower. On top of the water tower, turkey vultures roost for about a month out of every year. When at their peak, there look to be hundreds of these large birds hanging out up there. By April, most have already left the area, but a few can still be seen at the top of the water tower. Have a look at the photo...My boys and I have had an on-going discussion about how much bird poop is piled under the tower. Surprisingly, I saw very little. Maybe the fire department hoses down the area regularly?

The weird thing...these vultures have started roosting lower. They perch on the stone entrance to George's Glen, a new subdivision still under construction. I have seen them roosting twice, both days were rainy and overcast. Double dreary!

Today, there were 8 vultures sitting on the stone wall on the right of the entrance and one sitting on a post to the left of the entrance. I saw no dead animals that might have drawn them to the area. Maybe the birds are predicting the Addams Family or the Munsters are moving to the neighborhood.

This is a close-up of one of the turkey vultures. he is looking back over his shoulder. Their faces have an eerie prehistoric look.
Ya'll know I love my birds, but these fellas gave me the creeps!

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Jenny S said...

There was one by the shop the other day! Rich's chickens were making a fuss, and all of the sudden got quiet! I saw the vulture flying overhead, so they must have seen him too!! They are creepy!