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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh, Faux Pas!

Today, the boys and I went to the mall for haircuts, dinner and shoe shopping. After finishing up at the mall, we were heading back to the car. Going up the escalator in Belk's, Rick asked where we were going next. I nearly fell off the escalator when "Dickless" came out of my mouth. I was not speaking quietly, either. The guy we were passing in the opposite direction looked at me in stunned disbelief because I was speaking to my children in such a crude fashion. I must have looked pretty stunned, too, because I couldn't believe I had said it either! I burst into embarrassed laughter (also not quiet), which progressed to snorts and tears. Rick was the only one who heard me (other than the poor man on the down escalator). Obviously, Will wanted to know what was so funny. Since "dickless" is not in my daily vocabulary, I couldn't say it again. Rick was thrilled to do so. I continued to laugh through the parking lot, into the car, out of the mall parking lot and into the parking lot at DICK'S. Will reprimanded me over and over. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to maintain my composure when the man in the shoe department asked if he could help us. I promise, I did not call him dickless, but I sure did think it!

You'll be glad to know that no photos will accompany this blip from my daily life!


Em said...

Thanks for making me laugh, today! So funny!!! My co-leader nearly fell down the escalator at Dickless last Friday, and we left the store in fits of laughter! Why would they give the store that name anyway??? LOL

Jenny S said...

Hahaha!! Sounds like true Anna ness!! hehehe!