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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Bird Story

Yesterday, I bought three new hummingbird feeders. I just couldn't get the old ones clean. Plus, some sugar-buzzed raccoon had broken off most of the little perches while sloppily drinking the contents on my front porch! I hadn't seen any of the speedy creatures yet, but wanted to beat them to the punch. In years past, they show up before I'm ready and stare at me through my kitchen window with that desperate "I need a fix" look. I mixed my potent brew--equal parts of water and sugar--and searched my cabinet for red food dye. No luck! I figured I would give it a try since folks have told me in the past that the dye really isn't needed.

I put one feeder on the front porch and one on the back. Then, I waited, and waited, and...No hummers! Off to Food Lion this morning for taco fixings and red food dye.

Trying to add red food dye to feeders that have already been flipped is not a neat and easy project. I thought I was gently flipping it upside down, only to have sticky sugar water all over the counter, sink, floor, and me! With both feeders eventually a bright red and free of sugar water on the outside, I put them back on the porches.

Not even ten minutes later, I glanced out my kitchen window to see my first bright green, red-throated male hummingbird. I think those tiny, hyperactive helicopters really do like red!

Spring really is on its way! YEAH!!!

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Em said...

Ooohh - I need to fill my hummingbird feeder tomorrow!!! You reminded me - I can't believe you've already gotten one! It seems early to me... but I guess not! Yay!!! Spring is here!!!!