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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big Dummy!

After a few phone calls to friends last night, I discovered the volume on my cell phone was not working. Anyone on the other end of the phone sounded like they were whispering to me. Those of you who know me also know my hearing is on the poor side. I mashed every button looking for a way to make things louder. No luck! My best guess...when the egg cracked, it filled the holes where you put your ear. The rest of the phone was clean and seemed to be working fine.

Off to Alltel for help or, possibly, a new phone. The folks listened respectfully and controlled their faces when I explained an egg had cracked in my pocket and all over my cell phone. I handed over my phone. She dialed my number from her office phone then started mashing a button on the side of my phone. "There you go," she said. That's it? No complicated steps? No egg in the little holes? No purchase of a new phone! Woohoo!

As I was telling my youngest (13 years old) about my trip to Alltel, he said, "Mom, I could have fixed that for you." How much longer until I automatically understand how my technology gadgets work?

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