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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What is the Message?

Last night, I watched the finale of The Biggest Loser. The person I thought would come in third place won. Tara, the girl who never fell below the yellow line and won most challenges was my pick for winner because of her appreciative, go-getter attitude. Mike would have been a good winner, too. As a lifetime fat kid, he and his father worked their butts off (literally). At 18, he tackled his bad eating habits, learned to exercise, and worked out anger issues with his dad. We watched him grow up over the last 6 months. Instead, Helen, the woman who asked her seriously overweight and emotionally distraught daughter to go home so she could stay and continue to lose weight, the woman who constantly said, "Look at me. Look what I did," the woman who was selfish in every way imaginable won the quarter of a million dollars.

As if The Biggest Loser wasn't bad enough, the finale of Celebrity Apprentice was last night, too. I don't watch Celebrity Apprentice. It just doesn't float my boat. However, who could avoid the commercials where Joan Rivers throws tantrums, walks off the set, calls other contestants ugly names, and whines constantly. Fast forward to this my horror, I learned that Joan won the Celebrity Apprentice. What on earth was Donald Trump thinking? I hope he gets saddled with 1000 employees who act just like Joan. I hope they whine, bully, throw hissy-fits, and have horrible plastic surgery. How many clients will he be able to keep?

What message does this send to our children? Bad behavior gets you what you want. Others' feelings don't matter. As long as you are happy, nothing else matters.

I think I'm done with reality TV!

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Em said...

I want to 'second' this opinion! These shows are awful - they don't teach any good morals... what happened to the good shows... we need "The Andy Griffith Show" back!

On another note, I don't update the wfchickens site much - but my personal site is updated more frequently.