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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Here's to Feeling Better!

My buddy, Susie, went to the hospital in the early part of last week because of back pain. All it took was a funny twist while putting a piece of firewood in the fireplace, and POP, she was off her feet! She has beaten the hell out of breast cancer, but the cure has left some bones a little brittle. So, while she waited for the doctors to figure out how to treat her, they pumped her full of pain much so that she stopped breathing. Her daughter, Jenny was with her and experienced the scariest day of her life. But, because she was there, Susie is still here!

Susie and I opened SuzAnna's Antiques almost 4 years ago. Last year, I left to drag a child through the 7th grade and Jenny bought out my share. Fortunately, Susie was more than understanding of my home situation.

She has a knack for creating beauty out of everything she touches. She can see the most unusual item, say, an old tractor seat, and place it amongst flowers and birdbaths in the garden and turn it into a focal point. She uses fabric, prisms, buttons, cards, wood and metal all mixed together to create a gorgeous display. I can't believe Country Living hasn't hunted Susie down and forced her to let them do a photo shoot. I know it is just a matter of time!

The hardest part about her back injury is going to be waiting for someone else to move things for her. There have been times when she has drug an armoire across the shop all by herself. She thinks nothing of swinging from the rafters while hanging a chandelier. She is such a neat person and I'm so glad she is feeling better and finally out of the hospital!

Susie, relax, read blogs, do paperwork, pore over Flea Market Style for the 8th time, watch the videos on your must watch list, and just feel better! Let me know when you're ready for company. You can sit on your couch and point to the things that need to be done and I'll get it done! (I don't make this offer very often!)

As for me, I went to the ENT last week and found out that tubes would not work for me. They tested my hearing again and the results were the same...My hearing sucks! So, I spent some time with Dr. Catalano looking at hearing aides and trying them on. I was glad to find one that doesn't look like a wad of gum shoved in my ear! I have always found these a little "orthopedic" looking. This one hooks behind my ear and a small wire with a mushroom cap on the end fits into my ear. It looks like this...

Dr. C can program the hearing aides to correct the frequencies I'm not hearing. While I was wearing them, I could hear s and t. I didn't realize I wasn't hearing those sounds. Literally, folks could be talking "shit" about me and all I would hear is "i"! I tend to be a hand talker. When I was telling Dr. C something, I smacked my hand on her desk and heard my ring hit the wood. I hadn't heard that sound in a very long time. I hadn't even realized the sounds I was missing! I'll have new improved ears in another week. I can't wait!


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Whoohoo, now you'll be able to hear everything. =)

Barbara said...

I know that hearing aids have progressed so much in the past 10 years. I'd go have myself checked again if not for the fact that I couldn't afford them if they would help!

Must remember not to use S or T words around you to keep you confused..

Linda said...

Amazing how we don't know what we aren't hearing until we can hear it again. So glad you are getting hearing aides!! Your friend Jenny sounds like a wonderful person, hope she will rest and get back on her feet soon!

Midcenturymadam said...

This is for Susie....I am sending good thoughts, positive vibes, good jujus and lots of energy your way. Feel better soon. And to you CITB...sorry the tubes didn't work for you. Hope the hearing aid brings hearing relief. The nice thing about that is you can turn them down when the kids start whining. Huhhh? Sorry...can't hear you.

Pixie said...

does this mean we will have to stop talking about you now since you will be able to hear us? Rats.

Seriously, good for you for taking the right step and getting a hearing aid. So many folks need them, but let pride get in the way.

Hope your friend is back on her feet very soon!

Jenny S said...

Awwww, mom will cry when she reads your post! This is so sweet! Thank you for this! I know it will mean the world to her!

Anonymous said...

It's a whole new world now, isn't it? Like waking up from a hundred year nap! I remember the first time I got glasses when I was about 15. I was riding home from the eye doctor and rubber nekkin the whole way. Amazed that I could see actual leaves on trees not just green blurs. So, put a CD in and turn it on low, then sit back and listen to each note! Enjoy your new world! (And best wishes to your friend...hope she recovers soon!)


Chicken Boys said...

Damn, now I gotta watch my mouth! Oh, wait. It's typing. Can you still see okay?

Glad Suzie is okay. I hurt my neck in college. I got up one morning and stretched in front of the mirror and POP. Went to a chiropractor at noon (cause going back to bed didn't help) and found a vertebrae in my neck had shifted out of place...caused by sleeping on my stomach with my head turned to the side, no doubt. A couple of months of adjustments and therapy (and trying to learn new sleeping habits) and back to normal. Goode luck Suzie!

Mary said...

Hooray for our Susie's continued speedy recovery!!

I had no idea you even had a hearing loss that why when I offered my safari ticket to you there was no answer???? Just kidding....but you are still second on the list!

Hope the hearing aids will help - but of course you'll have no excuses now when Tony asks you suggestive questions, or the boys ask to borrow 20 bucks, tehe!!!!