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Friday, February 12, 2010

I'll Huff and I'll Puff

Surrounding our house are lots and lots of these...

To the front, to the back, down both sides.

Up the hill, down the hill.

Along the driveway, along the trails.

The other morning, I woke up at 5:30 and couldn't figure out why I was awake. Tony was awake, too. He asked if the wind woke me up. It must have. It was too dark outside to see what damage the wind was causing, but the sounds were letting us know the fire pit would soon be filled!

At 6:15, I woke the boys up for school. It was still dark. I heard a loud snap and bang and knew a tree had come down. It would be another 20 minutes before I could see the damage.
Once the sun came up, this is what I saw...

Behind all of those pine needles is the fence. Neighbor Dave and Tony had to pull it back into shape after Riley Dog took advantage of the downed fence and ventured out to visit neighbors!

See where the tree snapped off? We have had tornadoes that have left a path of trees looking like this. Fortunately, it was only one. Don't let those beautiful blue skies fool you! It was frigid cold and brutally windy.

Between the two red snowflakes is the sliver of wood that blew out the side of the tree in the strong wind. Now, if it will just warm up enough for me to get out there and cut those limbs up, a nice BIG bonfire just might chase away the winter blues.

PS Special thanks to Missy from little messy missy. She sent me a Sunshine Award. Two awards in one week! I'm so honored. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my posts. Check this out...


Pixie said...

those are some giant trees! some serious garden work is in order...should I send over Mr G...he is great at that sort of thing!

Anonymous said...

Glad that did not land on your house! We had some pretty high winds here we have snow..AGAIN! It is beautiful but ready for the spring.

Linda said...

I've had some pine trees snap and break and wow it can be scary! Glad it missed your house. Oh you so totally deserve the Sunshine Award! You are a bright light in my day that is for sure.

Linda @ A La Carte

Mary said...

Those pines are deadly, which is why we spent a small fortune (and half our retirement fund!!!) to take them all down, along with the leaning oaks and other scary trees. I LOVE trees but since Hurricane Fran I'm terrified of them in a high wind!

Thank goodness it didn't hit your house.........or make ready to eat chicken fricasee!! Sorry, couldn't resist that one!!

Happy Valentine's Day - and watch yourself with that chain saw!

Anonymous said...

I wish we still had an open fire in our house, it was blocked up years before we moved in. We have the big stone inglenook but all it houses now is a piano!

In answer to your question, yes please, I'm still collecting selvages and I'd love to have some more. I've got the bug now, can't wait to make more things! I'll email you my address. Thanks! x

Queenie Jeannie said...

It was crazy windy here the past week too!! Soooo cold - yikes! I hope you can stay warm!!!!

red.neck chic said...

LOL You just can't beat the beauty of giant pine trees!!! Well, that's my opinion anyway...

oh - you just can't beat the beauty of a big giant huge gigantor bonfire either!!! whoo hoo!!!!!

;-) Glad it didn't come down on house/car/riley dog/neighbors!!!

have a great one!