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Monday, February 8, 2010

Perfect Timing

Do you ever have those cravings you just can't shake? I had one this afternoon. I wanted some decadent chocolate. The problem was, I had eaten it all! Nabisco chocolate chip cookies just didn't have any appeal. Instead of caving to the craving, I called my neighbor and went for a walk. This was much needed after a week of sitting in my favorite purple chair!

With a two mile walk behind me and an exhausted Riley Dog on the porch, I ran to the mailbox before setting off to run errands. Look what was inside!

My buddy, Chris, from I'm Not Old, I'm Vintage, had a Valentine's Contest. She sent out 15 prizes. That is not a typo! FIFTEEN! I won a prize in the category of "You Make Me Feel Good Reading Your Blog." Woohoo! Just so you know, this award goes both ways! Only, Chris didn't get a package of chocolate in the mail from me!

And LOOK! Somebody knew I was having a craving and timed the arrival of this package perfectly. And Chris sent the good stuff! Lindt truffles, jelly candy, coconut dumdums! Ya'll don't need to know how many pieces are left and whether or not I shared....of course not!

And not just edible goodies! The cutest little lady bug filled with bubble bath and yummy smelling bath gel and lotion and the cutest rose shaped scrubber that will never see water for fear of ending it's cuteness! I'll have to clear the orchids out of my bathtub (they spend the winter in there) so I can pamper myself and eat that last piece of chocolate.

Chris, this smooch is for you! Thanks for making my day and ending my craving! You're the best!


Linda said...

What great timing. I have cravings for chocolate and yet none comes in the mail. I must not be living right! the red lips! So funny and yes your Blog 'makes me feel good reading it' and so does I'm Not Old, I'm Vintage. Now to see if there is chocolate somewhere in my house!!

Barbara said...

Oh, I hope my whiner's package comes soon!! OOOOOOH!! Green eyed envy!

Stacey said...

Looks like you got some good booty! I've never tried Coconut dumdums before. They sound FABULOUS!

Mick said...

yay! I got mine today too for the "runner up first Prize" and iv had to lock it in my car to keep me from walking by and eating somthing out of it everytime! haha

Pixie said...

that is so cool! I just said to myself in the kitchen 'If I don't have some chocolate, I'm gonna have to kill someone'. lol

red.neck chic said...

LOLOLOL I'm glad you got your chocolate - but darling... those lips are fantastic! heeeheeeeheeee

;-) robelyn

Vintage Christine said...

Guess what? I ran out of candy--I thought I was going to have a ton left but those USPS boxes are big! I only ate TWO pieces of candy out of all of that. And I just had a feeling we were going to see you wearing those lips--you are TOOOOOO FUNNY!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Ha ha I LOVE the lips!!

Christine is wonderful, and so are you!! =D

Maggie B said...

That's what you call serendipity, what a fab prize to win.
I always feel good reading your blog too but I'm not sure about the lips! I could have nightmares.

dirtyduck said...

lol,that was a nice thank you

Chicken Boys said...

Did you get stung by a bee? That some big @$$ lips!!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm...Lindt truffles are my favourite (especially the white ones) and I NEVER share them :)