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Thursday, February 25, 2010

This Stuff, Too!

So, I emptied out my memory card and spent the morning in the basement getting some more auction goody photos!

I don't know what it is about a tin of water color paints that makes me smile!

Chunky restaurant dishes remind me of my high school days waiting tables at Town and Country!
Ironstone creamers are my favorite!
But I like this glass one, too!

This berry bowl with a log cabin scene might have to go on my wall!

This chip and dip dish was in one of the boxes with the Santa Claus. It was a convenient bowl to grab when we found the stash of eggs beside the heating unit. Cora told on Shakira when she went over to add an egg to the pile! Thanks Cora!

A stack of 5 fluted pie pans was in another box!

Painted glasses are just plain fun!

These vintage bottles were in another box. The one on the right still has medicine in it. Anybody need some Mercurochrome?

Another cute Santa! LOVE HIM!

The label is glued down to this old coffee pot. It's a good thing it's "HEAT PROOF!"

This strawberry pot is marked Williamsburg on the bottom. I imagine they were mass produced, but I love the shape and color. The planter is only about 6 inches tall.

This piece of metal rests against the ceiling with a chandelier hanging from it. Any kind of funky shaped metal goes into my pile for my future whirligig. I have to learn how to weld first! My pile is getting really big.

Vintage Christine, are you paying attention? I didn't want you to feel alone with your horse themed posts this week.

I have been trying to figure out who made these. The auctioneer thought they were Shawnee. On e-bay, someone posted they are Morton. No markings are on these cute kitties!

Deco and metal...sigh!

Don't you love the colors?

Vintage hankies...currently soaking in Oxy Clean and water. I love including a hanky on top of birthday presents.

This is the cute chest that was hiding the boxes and boxes of hats that I showed you yesterday! Even though the lid is missing, I couldn't leave it behind. I had no intention of bidding on it, but my hand had other ideas!

A pressed tin tray piled with some seriously tarnished teaspoons...these are soaking in warm water and waiting for me to return to the kitchen for some buffing action.

Four coffee cups with bright colored flowers...e-bay? Etsy?

And, if anybody can tell me what the heck this is, I'll send you some of my goodies. All of the birds game with it, some wired to the wood-like ceramic piece. What do you think? Aunt Edna's foray into ceramics? A bird watcher's ode to his obsession? Or, does this have a real use? Somebody educate me!


Pixie said...

I have no idea what the heck that bird thing is, but I am having some sort of palpitations over those kitty cat planters! What a great haul of goodies!

Ninny said...

What a junker's dream!!! Did you just die and go to Heaven from the excitement of going through all your goodies when you got home from the auction? I really have enjoyed all your posts, but the last two had me drooling. Must get a rag to wipe off the keys here...


Linda said...

I am having some serious envy here! I love your treasures. The little ceramic creamer is too cute! I also love old restaurant dishes. Something about them just evokes comfort to me. Ok I could go on and on about your finds. Just know I'm having to control myself right now from jumping in my car and heading your way!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Fantastic goodies!

I have a collection of vintage art supplies and quite a few of the old watercolor paint tins. They are adorable!

The green box will make great storage space...

Chicken Boys said...

Wow! Does Tony know how much you spent? Not that's it's any of his business! LOL Just kidding. Anyway don't know what that bird thing is, but I'd agree that it's kinda neat. The painted glasses reminded me of when I was a kid. I had a collection of Muppets Take Manhatten and other Muppet glasses from Mickey D's. Don't know what ever happened to them, but I'd suspect they prolly got broke at some point. I miss those buggers. They'd prolly be worth something some day.

Mick said...

Anna! Wow look at all th neat stuff you got. I think my favorites are the Tin Horse plates : ) Between you and Christine you've both got me wanting to Do a 1950's western bedroom! haha I have a chip and Dip set similar to yours! Mines Emerald green with matching candle sticks.

Llyn M said...

Well, I love your stuff today! The paint box is sweet. I, too, love the old restaurant dishes. Anything by Syracuse or Shenango is sure to make my socks roll up and down!!!! I love both of those painted glasses as well, and I have the turquoise scoop along with a couple of red ones!

red.neck chic said...

I have no edumacation for you in the winged friends department... but DANG woman! You made off like a bandit from that auction!!! I love the teaspoons and the pitchers and the plates... oh heck - i love it all AND the hats! LOL

Okay - I'm watching to see who can tell you about the birds...

;-) robelyn

Barbara said...

I double hate you for posting these!! Someday, I will head in your direction and you MUST teach me your secrets!!

As for the cat planters - snake plants and those weird snake like succulents...pointy tails and droopy tails!

Vintage Christine said...

When's the next auction? I'm comin' up, gol darn it! I want those kitty planters more than life itself--my first thought was that they were McCoy stretch but on closer exam I don't think so. Did you Google "cat planters with no cat butts"? That last thing is undoubtedly something someone made under the influence of LSD. I think you should accidentally drop it . . . And of course I adore the horsey stuff (although I've already moved on today to circusey).

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

I love the kitties and the spoons!!! I have no idea what on earth that last pic is. Strange! I need to go shopping with you!

Amber Von Felts said...

I think the ceramic thingy with fake birds all over is is simply......drum roll please......A BIRD FEEDER! Looks like something that you would hang out of a window and put seed in it to watch the birdies chow down. Maybe some one lived in the city and felt they needed to adorn it with facsimile birdies. Thats my guess and I'm stickin' to it! What a wonderful bounty!

Rose H (UK) said...

I love all your things!
I think that your 'strawberry pot' is an egg seperator though.
The cats are brilliant :o)

Rose H (UK) said...

I love your things!
I think that your 'Strawberry Pot' is an egg seperator though.
I think the cats are great.