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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


You know the song, so be singing it in your head while you read...

I have been making pillowcase dresses from vintage pillowcases. Therefore, I can never pass a Goodwill without stopping to check for Grandma's castoffs. Today, I found a brightly colored case that would look adorable on a little girl (not that I have one!)

Off to the cashier I go only to find a Spanish speaking mother and child in an argument that does not require fluent Spanish-speaking to know it is over something the child wants to do but mom says NO. In an effort to make the mom give in, the boy behaves badly and loudly. Mom ignores. The cashier is trying to ring the duo up and get them out quickly. The boy wedges between the counter and mom. I think I hear a loud raspberry noise. No comment from Mom. No eyebrows raised from the cashier. I must be mistaken. The boy grabs a shopping basket and loudly bangs it into others.

When they are finally gone and it's my turn to check out, I looked at the cashier and asked, "Did that little boy back his butt up to his mother and..." The clerk finished my question, "Farted on her!" I became hysterical! How had she managed to ring them up without cracking a smile? She went on to tell me that this boy behaves badly every time he enters the store and mom does nothing.

I hope I'm there next time that BAD Boy is there! I will back my ass up to his head and let one rip! Then, I'm going to find his mother!

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Jenny S said...

YOU'RE making pillowcase dresses??? PLEASE bring some to the shop! We are looking for one for Emily's wedding for the little girl who is going to be the flower girl!!