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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What I Meant to Write About...Before the Firemen Came

While eating dinner the other night (before the fire alarm went off), Tony and I were watching the robins frolicking in the wet grass. Since robins don't tend to visit our bird feeders, we don't notice them much. But the rain brought them out in masses! They rolled around in the grass and fluttered their wings and chased each other around the yard. I think the robins were scoping out the berries on the holly trees for later in the fall. None there yet, but lots on the dogwoods.

September isn't just for sending our kids back to school. Soon, my favorite speed freaks will be heading south. At times, we have so many ruby throated hummingbirds buzzing overhead on the deck it sound like an invasion. As they bicker over whose turn it is at the feeder, we hear the more aggressive guys sword fighting with their beaks. These guys are usually gone by September 15th. I wish I had thought about how soon that day will be hear BEFORE I mixed up my last big batch of hummingbird food.

In the front yard, my gold finches are starting to look muddy. Their bright yellow feathers are beginning to fade. These spots of sunshine are another favorite during the summer. What's missing, though, is a bit of a mystery. We usually have 5 to 15 squirrels at the feeders in the front yard. For the last few weeks, we are lucky to have just one. I'm not sure if food in the woods is abundant. It doesn't seem like a good time to be having babies, but, I'm not a squirrel! I haven't noticed lots of furry, flat smudges in the middle of the road, so I'm not thinking suicide. Maybe they are heading south, too.

Since our summer was so mild this year, all of these changes seem to be coming so early. I'm not ready for long pants and sweaters yet. But, as these feathered and furry creatures make their adjustments, I guess I should get ready, too.

Note: Sorry, no pictures. Those dang hummers move too fast! The robins blended into the grass. And the squirrels were a no show!

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