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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Marching Band Heaven!

I'm soaking wet! My throat hurts from screaming! We spent 45 minutes looking for a school that our GPS couldn't find. Thank God we didn't give up and go home!

Will (my oldest) plays the trombone in his High School's marching band. They have been practicing their performance of The Manuscript since July. It has rained over half of the practice days causing them to be behind in learning all of the moves.

Last night, the rain kept them from one last practice performance at the Friday night football game. Today, I kept waiting for the phone call to go to the school to pick Will up. It has been raining a good chunk of the day. Fortunately, nobody pulled the cancellation trigger. On Thursday, the drum major came down with mono. She tried to pull her weight in practice this morning, but was too dizzy to stand on the scaffolding to direct. Devante stepped in and did a wonderful job leading the band.

After making several phone calls to friends for on-line directions and a tiff over asking for directions, we pulled into the fire department to find out where the heck Panther Creek High School is. (I refuse to go to the town of Cary for anything other than marching band!)

We only got to see a few of the performances, but Wakefield pulled it off beautifully! The Guard Girls were wonderful, graceful and so pretty. The music sounded great. My Will looked like he knew what he was doing.

Will is 6th back on the left

The six sectional leaders and two guard girls went onto the field for the awards presentation while everyone else went back to the bus to change out of their uniforms (wet, sweaty uniforms will stink for the rest of the season! Febreeze can only do so much!), so the band didn't get to see how well they did. They won awards in every category and BEST OVERALL BAND PERFORMANCE! We were the only Wakefield fans left in the audience. The rain had run everyone else home, so we had to scream extra loud! My redneck whistle came in handy and got a good workout! I can't remember when I have been so excited!

Wakefield High School Marching Wolverines

I am just so damn impressed and proud!
PS Just before I hit the publish button at 11:55 pm, Will got home, went straight upstairs, dropped his backpack, kicked off his shoes and fell in the bed. He said he has never been this tired. Goodnight sweety. Sleep well. I promise I'll be quiet when I wake up in the morning! So much for celebrating with your Mama!


Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

I love marching bands! I hate cheerleaders, though (they were the popular girls back in the day who sometimes weren't nice to the unpopular girls. I don't know how I know this . . .) You should post a picture of Will in his band regalia--those uniforms look awesome. My uncle was in a Civil War marching band which we always thought was soooo interesting--he sent us a picture of himself all dressed up in period uniform. What a hoot!

Mary said...

Huge congrats. to your Will and the band!!! You and Tony deserve a trophy too if you sat through all that in the rain.

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