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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christmas Picture Out-takes

Last month, the boys, Riley Dog and I left home in search of the perfect spot for a Christmas photo shoot.
When we saw this place on the side of the road, we knew we had found it!

Getting a good shot of Riley Dog wasn't easy. He wanted to explore!

The guys were such good sports.
They were funny!
They were silly!
They made their Mama happy!

And, even though I can't see their faces in this shot, it is my favorite!

I know the theme isn't Christmassy, but Mom can leave these photos on the fridge all year long!


Chicken Boys said...

Great pics. That last one kinda looks summery!!

Chickens in the Basement said...

My boys don't feel cold. They wear shorts all year long! So, even our Christmas photos are summery! (These were taken in late September, so it was still summertime.)

Mary said...

Love these pics of the boys and Riley - I would feel Christmas love all year through with one on my 'frig!!