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Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Buddy is Scheduled for Surgery Tomorrow

My best buddy, the one who never complains, accompanies me to the dump and on any other errands I run, eats anything I make like it's the best thing he ever tasted (even when he steals it from the table), who chases away the racoons and shadows from the backyard is having knee surgery tomorrow.

Riley the Truck Dog

Several years ago, my Riley Dog tore his ACL in his right back knee. Whenever it flared up, a shot of cortisone would fix him up. Over the last month and a half, he has had two shots with no relief. He can't put any weight on that leg. Poor fellow usually leans on that leg when he hikes the other to pee on a tree. He shakes and has to switch legs mid-stream.

Tomorrow, he goes to that dreaded place...THE VET! The last few times he's been, he has put on the brakes in the parking lot. I have had to carry my 50 pound baby through the door. Once inside, his bladder refused to hold up and he left piddle dots on the floor. Oh, the shame!! He has to be there at 8:00 for surgery. And insult to injury, he has to spend the night!

Get back on your feet fast!
Riley Dog is 10 years old. Other than his knee, his health is great! Dr. Darch expects a speedy recovery and the ability to get his two miles in every day!


Mid Century Madam said...

Here is to a very speedy recovery. Sending Buddy a virtual biscuit. Take care little Buddy. you will be just fine.

Pixie said...

Best of luck to Riley. What a sweet boy he is!

We have a cat that HATES the vet. He always gets so scared he has a poo in his carrier on the way there...ick!

Vintage Christine said...

Oh wow--both of us will have kids at the vet today--and they both have to spend the night! Holly wishes Riley Dog a speedy recovery!!!

Jenny S said...

How is he?? Have you heard?

Chickens in the Basement said...

I dropped Riley off this morning and was told to pick him up at 3:00 TODAY! I'm so glad my baby doesn't have to spend the night! And Tony is just going to have to let Tony sleep in the bedroom with us tonight instead of his normal garage. I want to keep an eye on him and know if he is uncomfortable or hurting. If I have to, I'll sneak him in on my side of the bed. Do you think Tony would notice?

Em said...

Oh, I hope Riley is doing well tonight after his surgery! Good luck keeping Tony from finding out the dog's in the bedroom... LOL!