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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Little Bird: Cute or Crazy?

Yesterday afternoon, we were watching a video (The Proposal), making Christmas ornaments for a blog swap and doing laundry. We kept hearing a tapping noise and couldn't figure out what it was. Nothing unusual coming from the laundry room. Sometimes when the toilet's blocked, it makes a funny noise. All clear in the bathroom. Where is it coming from?

Rick gave up on the chick flick and headed off to play on his computer. As he passed the front door, he heard the noise again. "Mom, it's on the front porch. It's a bird." Of course, I showed up with my camera and he disappeared! I stalked it and got a few shots!

(Stupid Blogger keeps flipping my photos sideways, so you'll have to flip your screen on it's side...if anyone knows how to make blogger stop messing with my photos, please let me know!)

See the cute little bird inside the circle? Seeing me made him fly away. But, ten minutes later, he was back! And...

Slamming his body into my window over and over again!

Again! Stupid Blogger messes with my photos!

This poor fellow slammed himself silly. Whenever he saw me, he would stop for a while. But he always returned. Finally, I opened the solid door so that it blocked the reflection in the window, and he went away.

This morning, as soon as the sun came up, the familiar slamming started again. He sure is persistent. I think I'll be painting a large bird on the window to scare him away until his desire to slam his feathery little head into a large piece of glass fades.

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Vintage Christine said...

Poonie advises you to let the dumb bird keep slamming himself into your door until he falls into a coma and then you should stick him in a shoebox and mail him to "us". Poonie just loooooves little birdie snacks.

Niki said...

LOL Silly bird. I can't beleive it came back. Cute!

Em said...

We had a robin doing this the first year we moved into this house - we named him "Loco" - we found out that he was seeing his reflection and trying to attack it (but just knocking himself silly)... eventually he went away - maybe when the angle of the sun changed... I hope the little house wren you have doesn't kill himself doing that - poor thing is just confused!