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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bathroom Transformation Again

Several weeks ago, we decided to let the "little boy cutesy bathroom" grow up to be an "teenage dirt-hiding bathroom." The fish I spent hours stencilling would be no more!

Apparently, we found the ugliest blue paint in the world. After one coat (we kept hoping it would look better when the whole room was done), we decided paint the color of Superman's tights just wouldn't work for us!

After a trip to Home Depot and advice from the paint guy, we added two cans of pure white to the UGLY blue that was left in the gallon can. Still no good! Fortunately, we figured this out BEFORE we put the paint on the wall.

Another trip to Home Depot and another chat with another paint guy and another purchase of two more gallons of paint...Desert Sand, and we were in business!

After one more trip out (Kohl's, not Home Depot), a bathmat and shower curtain finish off the bathroom. The boys are no longer embarrassed to let their friends relieve themselves in the upstairs bathroom with the lights on!

My only dilemma now...Does the shower curtain look better in...

or out?

1 comment:

Jenny S said...

Out!! As pretty Sam would say, everything is better "out" hehehe!!