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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Purple Elephants

I heard about a neat place from my friends, Chris and Tonya, at Rock It Learning. Make sure you check them out if you are in need of a track-out camp for your tweens. Their web-site is Click here for more details and calendars. My son loved their bridge building camp!

In their recent newsletter, they plugged the Purple Elephant. No, they hadn't been doing Jello shots while writing their newsletter! The Purple Elephant Computer Factory for Kids is the perfect spot to take old computers to be cleaned up, revamped and fitted with internet software. They are then sold at a discount to disadvantaged families, kids with military parents, etc. Donors get the rush of recycling an item that is shunned at the dump and a tax write-off for their next communication with the IRS.

You can find these very helpful folks near the intersecion of Hwy. 70 and Millbrook Road in Raleigh at 6808 Davis Circle. If you have questions, give them a call at 788-7740 or visit their website at

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