Chickens in the Basement

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

For the 3rd day in a row, it is raining hard. So much for kickball plans! No getting outside to work on the garden Rick and I plan to plant. All of the furniture that needs a coat of paint will just have to wait for another day. The piles of paper stacked in the office are calling my name and everything else I want to do is outside. I'll play in the rain in the summertime, but on cold rainy days, I hibernate!

The chickens are playing in the rain. Even Riley Dog doesn't seem to mind it. Too bad their Mom is a wimp!
The last time I posted my intentions on the blog, I managed to get the whole list done. But, I really wanted to do those things. I'd rather have a spanking than clean out that study! Okay, I'm going, I'm going!

Damn if the weather forecast isn't calling for rain again tomorrow! I hear you paperwork! I'm coming!

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Jenny S said...

This rain is KILLING ME!!! Kyle wants to go outside and this is just horrible!!