Chickens in the Basement

I love to write and I love to laugh. When I write, I get to the point quick. My stories would fit on the back of a postcard. They usually make me chuckle. And you know what they say, "It's all about me!"

Monday, March 9, 2009

Just Us Chickens

"Okay, don't move to quickly and for God's sake, don't look it in the eye. Just walk slowly over to the tree like there is nothing wrong."

"Did ya'll see that BIG SCARY chicken in blue? What do you think she wants? We'll let her have Skippy!"

"Oh my God, she caught him! RUN!"

Thanks Susie and Jenny for the chicken mask! My children didn't even notice it was me in the yard! Amazing, huh?


Jenny S said...

Hahahaha!! This is tooooo funny! We could not resist when we saw it!!

nobody-but-us-chickens said...

Lol, and I thought I was spending too much time with chickens! ;)

I like your big fluffy girls.