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Monday, May 31, 2010

A Happy Memorial Day!

Today is Memorial Day. It's a time to reflect on the folks who protect our country, fight for our rights, and ask for very little in return. Way too many lose their life in pursuit of our freedom!

For the last couple of weeks, I have been working as a temp for the USO at our local airport. I have had the pleasure of seeing boys fresh out of boot-camp and on their way to their first assignment. I have talked with the guys on our Honor Guard team who respectfully stay with the body of a fallen soldier as he awaits his final ride home.

We need them.
They need us.
We need you.
It's that simple.

This morning, I went to my office (about the size of a small half-bath) to catch up on paperwork and to make sure there was plenty of food for soldiers returning to base after a long weekend break. There was a young woman in the center who was on the phone every time I passed her. She was dressed in her camouflage uniform with her pants stove-piped into her boots. I figured she was killing time until her next flight.

Then, I heard a commotion outside. Happy exclamations, then a Daddy saying, "I'm so proud of you!" I looked out the door and saw this young soldier scooped up between her Mama and Daddy. I had to close my office door and get myself composed. When I was finally able to walk out, they were gathered just outside my office. I welcomed her home and told the parents how thrilling and emotional it was to witness their reunion. The soldier asked me to take a photo, but her camera was out of batteries. Since I have made a habit of carrying my camera with me everywhere I go, I was able to snap a couple of shots to e-mail to them.

Can you see the joy on the faces of this family? She has a break for a couple of weeks, then back to Afghanistan. I'm so proud of her, too! I will think of this happy moment every Memorial Day!
Who have you been thinking about today?


Vintage Christine said...

I think we should bring them all home to protect the Gulf Coast. I'm pretty sure most of them would prefer that to getting shot at by people who don't really want us there, anyway. I was wondering where you'd been and here you were flirting with all the soldier boys.

Linda said...

This is so moving! Thank you for sharing this! I know the USO makes a huge difference and I'm happy that you are getting a birds eye view of this even if only for a little while! This post made me smile!

Sharon said...

Quite the emotional roller coaster of a job! Glad today was a happier situation!

Today, I saw my youngest off, reflected on my personal fallen soldiers, and slept.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

I salute all of them!

Stacey said...

Just catching up on your posts and wanted to comment on your recent writings... So glad that you have found some work that is satisfying and fulfilling (even if it's temporary). Who knows what this position might lead to?
So sad to hear that Melvin is gone. I know he will be missed! But the baby ducks are incredibly cute along with the tiny bunnies... What a menagerie!
Which animals do you keep at your house? Just the chickens or more? I think I remember 2 dogs in the mix. Is the goat yours too?
OK- Hope you have a blessed week and thanks for being an excellent blogging buddy!

Barbara said...

Oh man, I didn't know you were working for the USO! That's my dream job!! I can't seem to find anyone here in town that knows anything about a USO around here!

What a wonderful way to spend Memorial Day, seeing a lovely reunion!

Ninny said...

What a joyful photo! The happiness and pride on their faces is so moving! To think that they are giving up their daughter for US!


Chicken Boys said...

Thank you.

Chickens in the Basement said...

Randy, You know we are thanking you, not the other way around! You were surely on my list of folks to think about yesterday!

Zootsuitmama said...

Happy late Memorial Day. Very heartwarming post. Zootsuitmama

LemonyRenee' said...

Lovely post, Anna. Now I see the reason for the mission you described to me. I'm sure your presence will be a blessing. (Sorry I haven't been in touch -- it's been a hard time around here, but the clouds are clearing now, I think.)