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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Look Who's Modeling!

Yesterday, there was a fabulous goody box in my mail. It's from Deb at Zootsuit Mama. If you haven't visited her blog, make sure you pop over. She is a funny, thrifty girl!
Since there were some fabric items, I thought I would bring out some of my furry and feathered friends to model!
Check out Skippy on the cat walk! He is modeling a wonderful blue and white checked child's apron. It's a little big on him, but he doesn't mind!

And, Riley Dog says it's oh so versatile. It looks cute on a dog and on a chicken!

And Melvin is standing in for Vanna to show off this oh so cute kitchen glove. Who can resist that vintage fabric?

And, in case you wanted to see what Melvin's belly and parts looked like, here you go! Chicken Porn! So, based on what you see, will he crow or cluck?

Oh, but that's not all! Check out these cute vintage Chicken Oil and Vinegar cruets! Aren't they just perfect for me! No fur or feathers to show off these pretties. Best to keep them all in one piece!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Deb! I love it all!


Barbara said...

I'll take all of them...

You have an adorable menagerie!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Sooo cute! We love zootsuitmama!!

I can photoshop a "modesty spot" on Melvin lol...

Just kidding... =D

Linda said...

Melvin does porn! Just kidding, can't tell a thing!!! Love all your goodies! How fun!

Ninny said...

Melvin or Melvina....dang if I know!


Zootsuitmama said...

I'm glad you got your little gifties! I can't see either type genital on the bird. But it's cute! Hey, maybe we can put a black strip across his eyes instead! Zootsuitmama

ted and bunny said...

hiya- I've done a little Melvin post. . .I'm afraid I couldn't restist his "centrefold" pose!

Dina said...

Packages in the mail..Like Christmas in May. Cute pics. If your friend Jane is ever in Florida she can come on over anytime. Like the blog background makeover!

Maggie B said...

Love the O & V very retro chic.

Ninny said...

BTW, I have an award for you on my blog. Have a great weekend!


Breezy said...

I am laughing so hard at those pics..

red.neck chic said...

I knew I could count on you for chicken porn to start my day.... ROFLMBO!!! Girl - you're a maniac!!! LOVE your goodies and your models? When are they going to start demanding more food money? LOLOLOLOL

SO cute!!!
:-D robelyn

dobco said...

I would be so jealous if I was still into the chicke motiff. Maybe I should ramble in my attic and see if any remnants are left that you would like to have! I got rid of most of it.

Vintage Christine said...

You just better hope the FBCI (Federal Bureau of Chicken Investigation) doesn't get ahold of your computer with that underage chicken porn or you're goin' up da river, sistah! Shameful! Oh, and wait until you see what lovely chickie thing I found today--I never collected anything chick until I met you. Now ah gots me a case of chicken fever!!!

Sharon said...

I don't know how I missed this post, just going a little nuts here, I guess.

Cute country check apron, the rooster models it so well, are you going to take votes which is cuter? Riley is adorable in it too.

Goodness, showing Melvin's naughty bits.... nope, no naughty bits to be seen, are you lucky, the blog police frown on porn. Melvin is so cute.

Neat cruets! Lucky you!