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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vintage Christine's Give-Away

If I were you, I would NOT go to Vintage Christine's blog, I'm Not Old, I'm Vintage, and I would NOT sign up to follow her blog either, no matter how funny she is! You wouldn't want to win one of these Shawnee kitty planters either.


Is my reverse psychology working?

(I want that planter all to myself!)


Andrea said...

You are too funny!

PS: Yes it!

Ninny said...

TOO LATE, ANNA! I've already been there. I'm quick. Plus, I really flattered her in my comment. You don't stand a chance, girl. :) Hee, hee!


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Ha ha ha!! Damn, why can't I think up clever posts like yours and Christine's?!

Well happy Wednesday anyways!

Linda said...

Good try Anna, but too late for me also! I was there hours ago!!!! She knows I love cats!! You Chicken lady you! :)

Vintage Christine said...

Gasp! How dare you! You have been foiled by Miz Atomic Ranch and her legions of Young Retro Gal Followers who are, even as I write this, storming the gates of my blog, joining up as followers in wave upon wave of tattooed black tressed platform shoed kitty loving femininity. And even if you managed to scare off Andrea you can't scare off the entire world, Miz Chicken. Hahahahahahahaha (that's a mad scientist crazy person cackle, FYI). Love ya, grrrrlfren.

ted and bunny said...

PS love the new background

red.neck chic said...


:-D robelyn

dobco said...

I was in a Royal Copely phase. I had quite a few of them...I won't even tell you they were little chick planters! I passed my collection to my niece. I only have one little chick was a gift to my mother when I was born. NO! I will not part with that one!