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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who Knew?

Does that beak look like it's going to have lots of dangly bits?
Melvin is only two weeks old and the little fellow has his own fan club! And, the first President has already been overthrown for bad behavior. Melvin is destined for a thrilling life. If only we knew if he would grow up to cock-a-doodle-doo or lay eggs!

My best blogger buddy, Chris, from I'm Not Old, I'm Vintage helped her cat, Boo, start the fan club (I think he was picturing chicken nuggets, not Chicken Little), but Boo got fired for getting to friendly with an atomic ash tray on the kitchen table.

Melvin and Shakira in the chicken run.

While all of this was happening in blogger world, I was off at Will's high school for the world's LONGEST high school wind ensemble performance. Since I had to work today, I had to have a shower when I got home. While doing that, I might as well paint my chipped up toe nails. You know it had to be red and you know I had to spill it on white carpet! If you scrub long enough and hard enough to put holes in your wash cloth, it starts to come up. Until it's gone, I'll leave a pile of dirty clothes over top of it. Apparently, since it is MY job to pick up all dirty items, no one else will even consider picking them up, thus no one will ever know I spilled nail polish on the floor. But, I digress...

As long as Mom is nearby, he can hold his own with the big chickens!

Last night after the concert, I went to the hen house to make sure everyone got in safe. No Melvin. I grabbed my flashlight and started searching. He wasn't under the hen house, not in the run, not on the porch. I went back to the hen house and spotted his little face peering out from under Shakira. How he managed to do this while standing on the perch is beyond me. Once again, Melvin is safe.

Melvin can even reach the food in the BIG CHICKEN feeder!

However, now that he has a fan club and I am accountable to ya'll for reporting his growth and progress, I am terrified something will happen to him. When I went out tonight to tuck all the clucks in, he was present and accounted for. He even agreed to come out for a quick photo shoot!

And when the other mother throws in stale bread, I'm in heaven!

He says to tell everybody HEY and thanks for reading my other mother's blog!

Feathers are starting to grow!


Barbara said...

Oh man, we know what happens to roosters at your house! I hope Melvin has girly bits!!

Damn, she/he's growing fast. Chicken days are like years!!

How's the job?

Sharon said...

Oh, wow, he is growing fast! You have chickens and don't know if he's a he? Did I catch that right?
Yep, you have us all hooked on Melvin, so we at least need weekly reports, haha, with pictures!

Linda said...

I am a proud member of the Melvin fan club! He is growing up! Good job Shakira and Anna!!!

Amber Von Felts said...

Aw he's already losing his fluff! He's growing so fast. With any luck he'll be a hen though, you may have to change his name to Melvina or something!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

awww he's getting his big chick feathers! =D

Zootsuitmama said...

Dang! don't ya hate when one thing leads to another and then disaster on the carpet? For me, it's rushing around coloring my hair, and getting burgandy hair dye all over the white cabinet, etc... Anyway, that lil chick is the cutest. I love his little beak! Zootsuitmama

Dina said...

I never thought I would be this interested in a chicken, BUT surprisingly ...I really am. He's so cute it's hard not to be.

Maria Stahl said...

@Sharon, only the pros can tell on a little chick. You have to wait for feathers... or that thing that's sprouting on top of Melvin's beak. I'm afraid Melvin is Melvin. At least all my little roos looked like that at his age.

Anna, maybe since he is being raised so well, he will be content to be Junior Rooster and you will get to keep him. A well-disciplined (by Dad) junior roo can be part of the flock rather than Boss Man. It's all up to Skippy.

Ninny said...

Oh my gravy! He's such a cutie! Just love the little guy!!! You and Shakira are the best mommies ever!


Chicken Boys said...

My black australorp hatched a single chick who wanders quite far from her. She's got a chicken pen with the daddy, but he gets through the wire with ease. I've tried to catch him, but he's a fast little weasel. And he races right back to her! I don't dare stick my hand in there, as she will peck me, and daddy will spur me. Why are roosters so mean? I'M the one with the feed!

Leah@Storybook Ranch said...

Aw Melvin's super cute! I'm in the club, for sure! I love hearing about your chickens; I was going to get some chicks this year, but got a dog instead. Maybe next year!

Her's to hoping Melvin's a Melvina:)

Little Messy Missy said...

Love it! He is soooo cute! And the nail polish bit...oh my I seem to have the same job you do..official pick up every ones "shit" job or else it just stays! Ha!

red.neck chic said...

LOLOL Girl... he's way too cute...

:-D xoxo

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

In reference to your comment on Ninny's journal: You can have your roses and smell them too!

There are several plants which you could plant near your roses, which are supposed to repel deer.
Here are a couple of sites:

Happy Roses, and Hugs to Melvin (or Melvina), Penny, TX

Lisa said...

Oh our little Melvin, we love him to pieces!!

What fun count me in on his fan club! This is going to be such fun!!

linda said...

Melvin is a sly little bit, isn't he/she...lOl...i guess i'm a fan too, though i have to admit, i've never been in a 'fan club' before.

Kelly Aaron Mosaics said...

Soooo cute!!! I thought of you today when I visited a friend in midtown KC who had her own chickens! I've already posted pics if you want to check them out on the Eccentricities blog. Glad to see that Melvin is accounted for and growing strong!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Where is Melvin's list of fans?
It would be interesting to see how many he has?
Happy Tails, Penny, TX