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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Job Hunt Update

My ego is in much better condition, but while I'm telling you the story, I'll be making you smile with photos of Melvin reading blogs!

As of today, I have submitted 43 job applications and resumes. Ya'll have already heard my rant about the bad manners employers have towards potential employees. No confirmation of application receipt, no "we'll be in touch" e-mail, NOTHING!

Last week, I had my first interview with a non-profit agency. Not having been interviewed in over 20 years, I thought I answered the questions okay, but worried that I had to pause and think before answering questions.

I have a wonderful friend who has refreshed my resume and, I suspect, pulled a few strings to get me this interview. She suggested I send a thank you e-mail after the interview. Since I hadn't already thought of this myself, I jumped on-line and sent that e-mail!

if i didn't have a sense of humor

I didn't hear anything for a few days, then got an e-mail letting me know they were down to two finalists and they would be in touch on Monday. The e-mail did not say that I was one of the finalists.

I'm Not Old, I'm Vintage

When the phone never rang on Monday, I figured I didn't get the job...there's always the other 42 jobs I've applied for.

Yesterday afternoon, I was caught completely off guard when my cell phone sang from my pocket. The woman I had interviewed with was on the other end. I braced for the "thanks but no thanks" speech I new was coming. Then she said, "I'm calling to offer you the job."
I was thrilled. We talked salary (non-profit would apply to my salary), benefits (none), part time with no guarantee for full time in the future. I would be perfect for the job, but need to monetarily justify my being away from home.
1950's Atomic Ranch House

So, today, I called my only employment option and turned down the job. Morally, I can't accept a job knowing I'll still be looking for full time with money and benefits. I thanked her for the job offer and for the huge boost to my ego.
So, does anybody out there have any connections? I'll travel if the pay is good enough!


Beth said...

That is a very well read little bird. I think he is more literate than my husband.
Good luck in your job search. It's a bitch

Ninny said...

Anna, how wonderful!!!! That's a job offer you didn't think you'd get, and you were perfect for the job! Just did it once, you can do it again! My heart is reaching out for a big cyber hug. Melvin is such a cutie!!!


Barbara said...

Oh hell, I've had to do that too. I can't work part time. I need the money of full time. I mean, I'll work part time if they'll pay me full time, but they frown on that.

You'll get's just a really, really bad job market now. Fingers crossed for you!

Barbara said...

Oh, and don't let Melvin poop on your keyboard!

Linda said...

That has got to feel good to be offered something! I know right now I can't take a job that isn't full time with benefits. Good luck. Hey did Melvin read my blog?? lol...he is a cutie...didn't leave any little presents on your computer did he??

Midcenturymadam said...

Melvin is just so cute! Congratulations on the job offer. I think you were right to turn it down. Something more profitable will come along and there is no point in taking a job while still searching for another. Can Melvin come live with me?

Just Breathe said...

Your helper is adorable. I wish your success in your job hunting.

Rose H (UK) said...

I'm pleased and yet sad in the same moment for you. A hugh boost to your self confidence, but I understand perfectly your reasons for turning it down. Take heart, you're not on the scrap heap and the 'right' offer is not far away. Sending a hug and best wishes.
Rose H
P.S. Melvin is really forward with his reading abilities - too CUTE!

Red said...

OMG- Melvin is adorable! So cute to see him hunting and pecking on the keyboard. I hope he didn't leave you a surprise.

Congratulations on the job offer. I hope it's reassuring. It's a good sign that another offer will come. Thinking good thoughts for you dear......

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Oh my gosh!! LOL that lil chick os soooo cute reading blogs!!

ted and bunny said...

oh I think this is my favourite blog!
I hope he hasn't applied for any jobs in "processing"!

ted and bunny said...

ps- what I meant to say were great PHOTOS of the chick jobhunting, not that not finding a job was a wonderful subject...oh dear I've got in a muddle now- best not publish this!
More caffiene needed I think xx

Vintage Christine said...

I just wanted to warn you--when I show Melvin MY buttcrack he's going to be traumatized for life. As I am now that I've seen HIS buttcrack. Via my special bloggy eyes . . .

PS--Boo the cat has started a Melvin Fan Club and even has a club motto: "Melvin, So Cute You Could Just Eat Him!"

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

So wassup, Melvin doesn't read my blog? ;-)

I feel certain the right job will come along, it's just the waiting that's killer.

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my last post, they meant so much to me!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Sharon said...

You got the offer, that's a step in the right direction!

I love little Melvin, wish DH would let me have a few like him!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Such fun pix of Melvin.

I HOPE he didn't leave "evidence" of his visit on your keypad.

Chicken Boys said...

I needed some money for Christmas and travel on year, knowing I was moving to Texas in Jan. for school. I was offered a job at a Bible bookstore. I turned it down cause it was gonna keep me from my family for the holidays....and I was moving! The next week I got a $700 refund check from the school I was currently attending from overpayment! And a friend of mine got the job! I don't gots no leads for ya. But I will keep my eyelids peeled! Good luck!

Arlene said...

I've put in over 200 applications, have two degrees and a world of experience. This is a very tough job market, especially if you are educated and experienced. I wish you the best of luck.

Cat said...

Congrats on the offer, at any rate!
At least you know that you are not without hope! Melvin had better be careful that close to the screen, or he might need glasses! :)


red.neck chic said...

First - I'm laughing at the bird.
That Melvin is well read my friend!!!

Second - I've got your back. But - since you are not opposed to non-profit... have you tried Family Abuse or the Boys and Girls Club or the Y?

I'm sending you TONS of hugs and love. And prayers!!!

;-) robelyn

Mary said...

Well I was thrilled for you being offered the job and I know it made you feel great - but can understand you turning it down because you need to make a living wage. I know something special will come along Anna - anyone having you on board would never regret hiring you!

Will you be at the shop at all this weekend? I will try to stop by and hug you before leaving for Africa!

Carole said...

What a cute baby!

No confirmation of application receipt, no "we'll be in touch" e-mail, NOTHING!

Tell me about it. In the 'old' days potential employers would send a letter, or phone a person. Not anymore. They can't be bothered it seems.

Several weeks back I applied at a well know store....Not a call, not a letter, nothing.

I know that there were probably 100 or more applicants with the economy/job market the way it is, but still. How rude.

That is how things are done these days however, and it really stinks.

Good luck on your job search.

Janean said...

non-profit organizations are challenging to work for.

i'm sure you'll find another job offer that works well for both you and the company.

Jenny S said...

At least Melvin has REALLY good taste in blogs!! hehehe!

Stacey said...

Love the pictures of Melvin. He makes me smile:)
Congrats on getting a job offer. I'm glad that you had some positive re-enforcement. And don't give up~ You'll find the perfect job!

Cora said...

Cute little chick! Job hunting is unbelievably tough right now, you're not the only one! Add into the mix the fact that these employers can get a young'un for half of what they would have to pay us, and it makes it harder. Chin up though, and hang in there!