Chickens in the Basement

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Sex Story

In November, I became the mother of a baby chick. He follows me from room to room, hangs out with me in the basement (hence, the name of my blog) and is trying to make friends with the bigger chickens in the yard. From the beginning, I referred to him as a boy. He just acted like one. Today I got confirmation.

The Victim

This morning, Skippy was playing around in the bathroom while I was getting dressed. My husband had left his bedroom slippers on the floor. The strings on them have always intrigued Skippy, but this morning, it was different.

He walked up to the slipper, somehow grabbed it with his beak and flipped it over. The feathers around his neck came forward, he held on with his claws, and he had his way with the slipper. Once I recovered from my hysteria, I told Tony about the activity. He says his slipper feels so violated! Of course, I tried to get him to recreate the scenario while I had my camera in hand. By then, he just wanted to snuggle.

Skippy and his love!


Jenny S said...

hahahahaha!!! Tooo funny!!

437 said...

Oh my, my, my. I'm sorta glad you weren't able to video this "incident". Your blog is rated for such things. That brings in a WHOLE different crowd. ha ha

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Just found your are sooo funny. I love your chicken stories.
♥, Susan