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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The List

My first post on this blog was a partial list of all the things I want to complete. I have checked one off the list...sort of. "Paint my son's room blue" was changed to "paint my son's room green." After we purchased two gallons of bright blue paint, Rick decided it would be too dark in his room. If you have ever tried to cover up dark paint, you know how difficult that is. So, we swallowed the expense of the blue paint, promised to find furniture that will look good in bright blue, and purchased two more gallons of!

Yesterday, I pulled all of the furniture to the middle of the room, piled books and STUFF into boxes, taped off the doors and woodwork and got it done. After getting two green spots on the ceiling, I decided to leave the upper two inches for Tony to paint. He has a much steadier hand than I do.

It feels great to check chores off of my list of things to do! Yea, me!


Jenny S said...

Cool!! I am partial to green ....or blue....or red....hmmm maybe I have tooooo many colors in my house??

Mary said...

Such fun to find you have started a great blog Anna - only thing is you will NEVER get all those things done on your list ..........especially if you burn the midnight oil as we are all inclined to do in the blogosphere!! Such fun - and one learns so much in the process. It is addictive though!!!

I've missed you and hope to see you around soon. I'm in Charlotte right now - we came in the snow yesterday for a friend's retirement party last night. There was no snow to speak of after Burlington so it was just getting out of Raleigh that was hard.

So keep posting - and visit me again, it was a lovely surprise!