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Friday, January 16, 2009

More Blond

So, you know your in trouble when you go to the hairdresser and she touches your hair then cringes, makes a face and says "EEEEEWWW!" at the same time. I knew my hair was in bad shape, but assumed I had grabbed another bottle of shampoo that leaves wax on my hair which really shows up after a session with the curling iron.

After shampooing and TWO conditionings, my shoulder length hair and I hit the chair. Valerie, the best hairdresser in the world (Tanas at Falls River Shopping Center in Raleigh 848-1884), picked up her scissors and cut a huge chunk of hair off my head.

We started talking about what I had been doing different with my hair. I told her about the new curling iron I had purchased.

Val: It's not a gold one?

Me: Yes it is!

Val: They tend to run very hot and will fry hair.

Another chunk of my hair falls to the floor.

Me: I used it on high.

Val: Turn it down.

Me: Well, it goes up to 30.

Val: WHAT?! YOU KEEP IT ON 30? It will burn your hair off of your head!

This sends Valerie off to gather other hairdressers and tell them about me using my curling iron on a 30 setting. I get disappointed and shocked looks from them all. Who knew? I have always turned it on high and curled quick. No more, or my next haircut will render me bald.

I promise Valarie (at least 8 times) I will turn down the heat to 20 and vow to call my mother and tell her to turn down the temperature on her new curing iron that I bought her, too. I pay and leave with a sassy haircut that barely grazes my collar.


Jenny S said...

Okay! Can't wait to see your sassy new cut tomorrow!! Woohoo!!

Stacey said...

I always think your hair looks nice Anna- But I can't wait to see your new "do":)