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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blond Moment

When I was a kid, my hair was blond. When I was 29 and got pregnant for the first time , my hair changed from blond to very, very dark brown. (My feet grew three sizes, too.) By then, I was already used to being a blond...and acting like one, too. Now, I have no idea what color my hair is naturally because for many years, I have dumped bucket loads of L'Oreal dark blond on my head. I love to blame my dingy moments on being blond! Fortunately, I have many events that can only be described as "duh, blond!" They make me laugh!

The Latest Blond Moment:

On Friday, my cell phone rang. It was plugged in to the charger, so I unhooked it, flipped it open, and watched as it cut itself off because the battery was low. I figured I hadn't plugged it in correctly, so I hooked it back up for more juice.

Saturday, still no battery. I told Tony about this problem and that I would need him to take the phone back to Alltel for repairs, batteries, whatever would fix it. (Tony has to do this kind of thing because I am always talked into upgrading, paying for repairs, etc. He gets what he wants and never has to pay!)

Over dinner on Sunday night, I asked Tony if he would take the phone with him to work on Monday and get it fixed. When he and my oldest looked at me with that look that says, "Aw, my poor dingy mom/wife. You just have to love her," I knew I had done something stupid but had no idea what. I had checked several times to make sure I was plugging the charger into the correct hole in the phone. Will said, "Mo-o-o-m (you know, it sounds like yodeling), you have to plug the charger into the socket!" It never occurred to me to check that end of the cord!


Jenny S said...

hahahahaha! Sounds like you!! Love the chicken pic! Very cool!

Jenny S said...

Let me know!! I think I can give you a good deal!