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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Chickens have attitudes and personalities. Until May of 2007, I never would have known this! However, since falling in love with these feathery creatures, I have learned many things…

Fred and the Girls
Chickens are shipped through the US Mail on the day they are born. The mailman won’t deliver baby chicks to your house. Chickens can jump up and pluck a lightning bug out of the air. Chickens can chase squirrels away from bird feeders. Chickens cannot peck red nails off your toes. Chickens can sit for 3 ½ weeks on a pile of eggs. Chickens aren’t happy when you make them get off of their nest.

Shakira, the good mother

Chickens are very protective of their babies. A hen can carry an egg in her beak (I’ve seen it)! Roosters sound like adolescent boys when they first crow. White chickens are seen easier by predators. Chickens cannot out-fox a fox.

Fred vs. Fox
RIP Fred

Chickens will teach your dog to BACK OFF. Chickens will follow you around the yard and inspect every weed you pull. Chickens will follow you to your rose bed, but they will not eat the Japanese beetles you had planned for them to devour. However, if you put the beetles in a cup of diet Coke, and pour it on the ground in front of them, the chickens will pull up to the buffet. Chickens will perch on porch railings, window sills, tree branches, truck tailgates, and bird baths. Nine fairly large chicks can fit under one fairly small hen. Dangly things on roosters’ heads are warm. All hens are NOT maternal.

Cora Bell...
Not the baby's

Chickens cannot remove diamonds from your ring (yet). Chickens can eat rocks. Chickens are not afraid of water. A hen stops being maternal when nine heads appear in the whole she just dug, and eat all the grubs inside.

Chickens know how to aerate the lawn. Chickens know how to relocate the mulch you spent hours spreading. Chickens don’t like lawn mowers. Young chicks moving quickly remind dogs of squeaky toys. Dogs don’t like feathers in their mouths. Chickens will wait for you to put them to bed at night. Roosters will wake you up very early in the morning regardless of what day it is. Blackout shades on windows of the henhouse don’t keep roosters from crowing at 5 am. Chickens will eat corn from your hand and sit in your lap. Chickens will poop on your lap.

Booger the chick


Stacey said...

Wow- I never knew there were so many interesting things about chickens. And they're so pretty! I especially like the white one:) I'm so glad to know that you've started a blog. I can't wait to read your previous posts. I will definitely be looking forward to more chicken love ...

Jenny S said...

Hello!! Your little chicks are all so pretty! I just love their feet feathers! They look like fancy shoes!

James said...

and...chickens love cheese.

Em said...

I love this! I will have to do a post similar to yours sometime soon. I have so many people tell me "I didn't know that about Chickens" whenever I make a comment about my chicas. Thanks for the comment on my wfchickens site. I also have a personal blog if you would like to see that one... there are more pictures of my girls on that one.