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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Letter to the President

Dear President Obama,

Today, you will officially become our president. Our nation is in crisis mode and we have entrusted you with the daunting job of stabilizing our country and returning the United States to the respected world power we once were.

In my lifetime, you are the first President who looks like me. I'm not black. I'm not even male. However, I am a parent of two children who are facing a very unstable future. With the War in Iraq, the search for Osama in Afghanistan and the unrest between Israel and Gaza, I fear that our children will be forced to fight these battles.

Should they decide to pursue higher education instead of a military career, will our family be able to afford to send them? Will they spend the rest of their lives paying back loans? Will there be jobs for them if they do graduate? Will they be safe in these pursuits?

Another similarity between us is how we grew up. My parents were divorced and my grandmother was an influential part of my childhood on into my adulthood. I am in a supportive, loving marriage with the father of my children. We want to raise well-rounded, socially conscious, independent boys.

My husband and I don't always agree. He even plans to drop his Australian citizenship and become a US citizen so he can cancel my vote. To his dismay, I voted for you instead of John McCain. His largest concern is that taxes will be so dramatically increased that his commercial construction company will not be able to support the families that rely on the company for their livelihood. With the economy in such upheaval, the closing signs in so many shop windows, the uncertainty of financial institutions and the huge drops in the stock market, will we be able to pay off our home, keep our heads above water and retire with dignity?

I believe you have the ability to pull all of us together and lead us toward the goal of creating a better, safer, more respected, healthier and wealthier nation. Your plan to encourage all citizens to volunteer is wonderful. I'm sorry it has to be something we must be asked to do. But with this reminder, I have challenged my children to choose something close to their hearts to volunteer their time. We will be spending our summer working in an animal shelter.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer solutions because the problems are too huge and beyond my realm of thinking. However, I can provide support, and I will act. I do know CHANGE CAN AND WILL HAPPEN!

Most sincerely,

Anna Martin


Jenny S said...

Well said!!!

susie said...

My daughter said exactly what I was thinking! Well said!!! Susie