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Monday, August 3, 2009

Proud to Be an American

Tony, the boys and I loaded up for the INS office in Durham to watch Tony participate in the ceremony that would make him an American citizen. He had jumped through all of the hoops and passed all of the tests.

The security at the office is similar to that of an airport. The only time cameras are allowed in is for the citizenship ceremony. I had to run back to the car to get mine. While waiting, Tony confessed to being a little nervous. It hadn't occurred to me that I cry whenever I see these services on television, and now, here I am in person! Of course it will be emotional for Tony.

The guests were allowed to enter the room first. Then, about 25 people who would become new citizens filed into the room. Men and women, young and old, wearing scarves on their heads and wearing US soldiers uniforms.

Once the service started, the announcer asked why these folks were becoming citizens. One man (not Tony) said, "To vote." Another woman said, "To participate fully in the country." An older woman with a thick European accent tearfully said, "To be in a democracy." I cried!

All citizens-to-be stood and took the oath. Then, the American soldier who had just become a citizen lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. A video of new citizens and the song Proud to Be an American made me cry a second time. Barack Obama welcomed all of the new citizens via video. Finally, we could hug and welcome our new citizens.

As we went to find Tony, I touched the woman who had been crying on the arm and congratulated her. We both cried! Several soldiers found their wives who were now citizens. Children found grandmothers. We found Tony in his red, white and blue polo shirt and congratulated him.

I am now married to an American man with an Australian accent!


Jenny S said...

Woohoo!! I am sitting here crying with ya!! Congrats to Tony! Give him a big hug from us!! Luv Jenny

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

An American citizen with an Australian accent! What could be better!! Congrats to all.

Mary said...

I had the same feelings when I became a citizen.....all jumbled and mixed up emotions, tears and smiles. As I'm allowed to be a dual-citizen and keep my British passport I felt better...just in case I ever had to move back, hum!!!!!!

Congrats. Tony!!!