Chickens in the Basement

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Look What's in My Yard

Riley Dog is my faithful old dog. He hangs out with my while I work in the yard but always keeps his eyes open for that feisty rooster,
After suffering through a few months of being ostracized by the girls,
Don't even think about touching me!

he finally managed to father a couple of babies.

Hazel is near Ruby and Chrissy is off on her own. We are trying an experiment...naming the babies with girls' names in the hopes that this will make them girls. So far, there have been no cock-a-doodle-doos! Woohoo!

The chickens are great at eating up the ticks. Riley really appreciates that. However, there are a few buggy things that are a little too large for them to dine on.

You have to sort of cross your eyes to see this guy good, but he is gorgeous!
No arachnophobia here!

Here's the underbelly of the same guy. See all of the zigzags in the web?
I think these are called writing spiders.
My bumper crop of lemon balm is in the background.

This guy was under my grill cover. I was going to pick him up and move him to a cooler location, but couldn't make myself touch him. When Rick moved in, the praying mantis took flight and landed on my wind chimes.

I don't know why they intimidate me so much. Maybe it has something to do with the female biting off the head of the male after mating.

I grew this beautiful cantaloupe in my yard this summer. It's the only one that grew, but it was the biggest and best melon I have ever eaten. Thank heavens for friends who make their children listen to NPR. Not knowing when to pick the melon, Julia said I should smell it. After a whiff, I knew it must be ready. BINGO! It was big enough to feed us two nights.

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