Chickens in the Basement

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Monday, August 3, 2009

How's That Working for Ya?

Third time's a charm! Ruby finally managed to hatch some chicks. Two out of the 7 eggs she was sitting on hatched earlier this month. Since 13 out of th 16 chicks hatched by Shakira turned out to be boys, I decided to take a different approach to getting girls. The babies now have girly names. I'm hoping this is going to hold some influence. I know it's not very scientific, but come on! We are due a couple of girls!

The solid black chick was named by my friend, Katie. She came up with Chrysanthemum. Since this is a little long to holler at bedtime, I shortened it to Chrissy. Sharon, Katie's mother, named the chick with white wing-tips Hazel. Not only are these good girl names, they are good hen names, too. Now, I just have to pray that they don't start throwing their neck-feathers forward and talking back to Skippy!

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