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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where Did I Put My Mind?

In an effort to get my youngest son to be a bit more adventurous, I asked him what experience he would like to have. He told me about a reality show he had seen on TV where the guys went to a wind tunnel and practiced sky-diving without jumping from a plane. He wants to give it a try.

Well, before I found out I was pregnant for the first time, we had planned to jump from a plane with a friend of Tony's who was in the Australian military. He was stationed in Fayetteville and was going to take us up. Having children ended my desire to jump from a plane forever. But, a wind tunnel should be safe. Right? We'll do it!

I went on-line and found a place in NC that has a wind tunnel. Check out their web-site... My baby was gung-ho, so I signed the whole family up. This Saturday, we will get the experience of jumping from a plane without actually doing it. I have no idea what to expect. Should I look for someone to talk me out of it? What are the chances the wind from the giant fans won't hold me up? What if I get in there and can't figure out how to get out? The experience comes with a DVD. I'll need proof since I probably won't ever try this again!

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Jenny S said...

That would be awesome!! I could handle a wind tunnel, but not a jump from a plane...I am terrified of heights! Even the ladder at the shop is a little high!! hehehe!