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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sure is Quiet in Here

Even though it is usually very quiet in my house until about 11:00 am when the boys finally role out of bed, today, there is no snoring, no need to tiptoe or keep the radio quiet. At 6:15, the alarm clock so rudely screamed in my ear. I in turn, screamed up the stairs for boys to rise and shine. After the four of us stumbled and mumbled for about ten minutes, we managed showers, breakfast and tooth brushing. Backpacks had been loaded after a trip to WallyWorld and left by the door, so no thought had to go into those. At 6:55, Tony and Will pulled out of the driveway (Will's bus comes at 5:45 am, so Tony takes him!). At 6:56, Will was back to get one more thing he had forgotten. At 7:00, Rick and I were sitting at the end of the driveway waiting for the bus. At 7:12, Rick was whisked away.

Summer doesn't officially end until Labor Day, but for us, school means it is DONE, DONE, DONE, DONE. I'm home alone for the first time in months and didn't expect to be lonely! I'm going to sit in the yard and talk to Skippy the Rooster and Riley Dog. I can't wait to hear that bus lugging up the hill at 3:30! It's just too quiet in here!

After 10 minutes of moaning about homework and bickering over the remote control, I'll be ready to send them back to school again!

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Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

It's amazing how much you can miss people when 5 minutes before you couldn't wait to get them out of the house! But I'm sure the chicken and the dog appreciated your time with them.