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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jet Fire

This morning, I was in the back yard pulling weeds in my veggie garden. We are under the flight pattern for Raleigh Durham Airport, so planes flying overhead aren't unusual. What WAS unusual was the noise coming from the plane flying over.

Often, we can hear the landing gear being engaged. It was louder on this one and followed by three loud pops. When I looked up, flames burst out of one of the engines. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My whole body started shaking.

I ran to the phone and called 911. The guy answering kept asking what the location of the emergency was. I explained that a plane had just caught fire over my house. He wanted to know where I lived. Again, the plane is in the air. He said he would call RDU and notify them.

I kept waiting to hear an explosion but didn't. Thank God! Does anyone know if a plane can put out the fire in an engine while in the air or land with only one engine working? I have been watching the news, but don't see any dramas.

I'm done pulling weeds today! I need a Diet Coke!

Note: After I posted this, I heard from Em and Jenny. They had read about it on WRAL's website. Turns out, the plane flew out of RDU to Minneapolis, encountered some engine trouble and turned back to RDU for an emergency landing. The engine that was on fire was shut down. The wonderful pilot was able to land safely. According to one of the passengers, they were told to assume the position for a crash landing. He could hear a lot of praying going on. Prayers were being sent from the ground, too. I love a safe and happy ending! Thanks Em and Jenny!


Jenny S said...

OMGoodness!! I will have to keep an eye on the news!!!

Em said...

I just saw the story on WRAL - you saw it alright! Check it out here:

You can leave a comment telling them what you saw!

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

Like I always say, if we were meant to fly, God would've given us wings. Stories like these are what keeps me in the car and out of the sky!

Mary said...

They were really lucky that day Anna! I can imagine what a sickening feeling hit you when you saw the flames - that's a sight I have always dreaded.

Bless that pilot for doing a wonderful job getting the plane back. I hear it was a Cormorant bird that got in the engine - I thought they were only found at the ocean - this one must have lost his way!