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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dermatological Dramas

For about 6 months, I have had a note to myself sitting on the bathroom counter to schedule an appointment with my dermatologist to have various spots and marks checked out. Last time I called to schedule an appointment, I was told it would be several months before I could be seen. I thought that was too long, so I didn't schedule. When I finally got around to calling another doctor (6 months later), I expected to be put on the schedule for some time in December.

After 3 phone calls and time to work up a bad attitude trying to work through the doctors phone maze, I finally got a live person. My first words to her were, "Do you know how bad your answering service is?" Fortunately, she was very nice and suggested I tell her office manager who was not available. In an effort to make up for the sucky electronic secretary, she gave me an appointment to see Dr. Connor on Monday. That wasn't even a week away!

With no time to get stressed out about what I might hear, I set out to mentally map my body so I could ask questions and point out spots that haven't always been there. Some I only see in my car. Others I can't see but can feel. And what about that red thing in the crease of my boob? Last time I had spots checked, I had to get completely undressed. I was already feeling sorry for Dr. Connor because she would have to see me nekid!

Afraid I would forget one, I pulled out my pen and began circling my imperfections. Thank heavens there weren't any on my face! That would be hard to explain.

It was the second time I had seen Dr. Connor (the first was for dry skin...she told me about this wonderful but expensive lotion called Cera Ve. It works!) She is very speedy and didn't require me to take my clothes off. Bonus points for her! I showed her my circled spots and she examined. No cancer! Yea! Age spots! Boo! Only removed if I want to pay for it with no help from my insurance. I will learn to love my spots. I did have to take my shirt off so she could check my back. All clear. And that spot under my boob has a long Latin name which means something like red dot under boob.

I was out of there in less than 30 minutes with all of my spots and peace of mind! Now, I'll write a note to myself to schedule a hearing exam.


Em said...

I love reading your posts... maybe you can email me your dear Dr.'s number or contact info....??? I've been meaning to see a dermatologist for years, but haven't gotten a round tuit... and have been nervous about it too. LOL!

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

You are a smart girl to go get your spots checked out and I'm sure your doctor appreciated you having them all circled beforehand LOL. Mom had a problem spot on her upper lip and let me tell you, after watching her get impaled over and over with numbing needles and gouged with sharp little knives, I hope I NEVER have to go thru that (she was a real trooper, though).

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Glad your spots are safe ones!

You are very funny! I enjoyed your little story.

Mermaid Debbie