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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Listen to Your Children

This afternoon, Rick went on a walk with me, Terri and the dogs. Along the way, he found a small snail shell. I told him to put it in his pocket. He was afraid he would crush it, so I put it in mine. I'm not sure why we were keeping it.

When we got home, Rick asked if I remembered to get his calculator today. Crap!! He has reminded me three days in a row and needed it to complete his homework. Off to WalMart we went!

Once we located the calculator, we had to then round up a sales person with a key to unlock the clamp holding the calculator in place so no one could steal one. Then, we had to follow him to the check out counter and pay for it immediately so we couldn't steal it.

$106 (I'm not kidding) later, we were headed to the parking lot. I was giving my speech that this calculator has to last him all the way through high school so he has to keep up with it. I reached in my pocket to get my key and came out with a hand full of crunch slimy stuff. What the heck?

My smart-ass boy said, "I told you not to put it in your pocket."

RIP little snail
This blog entry has been approved by my little smart-ass.


Jenny S said...

hahaha!! Too funny!

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

Yeah, he's a smart-ass, but in an adorably cute kinda way.

Lady and Librarian said...

LOL...that is hysterical. Except I would have had freaked on the spot. Darby keeps telling me I need to prepare myself for having a little boy. Hmmm....