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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Way to Go Wakefield!!

11:32 pm... Our Marching Wolverines took 4th place overall (out of 21 bands). They placed first in 4A and all of the kids got medals. WOOHOO! I just got back to my room. The kids won't be here for another hour. I'm hoarse from yelling. My feet won't defrost before next week! At least it did not snow or rain! Balmy would have been better for those of us in the stands, but the cooler temperatures had to have been more comfortable for the marchers. But it's all worth it! I am one proud Motha!

Before they take the field

Will is third from the back on the right

In action!

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Vintage Christine said...

Those girls in the skimpy tops look like they're running down a deer with a spear! I ASSUME they're cheerleaders or something, right? Congrats to your kiddo--I know it's alot of hard work for everyone and you totally deserve your One Proud Mutha award!