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Monday, October 12, 2009

One Small Step...

Today, I discovered from a friend whose son saw my son's name on his friends facebook account that my son has a his own facebook account! Did you follow that chain of evidence there? When I asked him about it when he got home from school, he said, "Yea, I've been on a month or two."

"Here's the deal..." I said. "If you want to keep your facebook account, you have to show me how to sign up and friend me."

Ten minutes later, I had my own account and one friend.

So, when my youngest came in the door, I thought I should just make sure he does not have a facebook account. What kind of mother am I? He also has one I didn't know about. I now have two friends!

I have always said I wasn't interested whenever someone brought up the subject of me getting on facebook. As my dad told Tony on the day we got married, "She kissed a lot of toads before she found you!" I'm afraid some of these toads might come hopping along. According to Will, if I don't want to rekindle friendships, just be a bitchy friend (my words, not his) and don't respond.
This photo has nothing to do with facebook. I just love it when Skippy knocks on my front door!

Skippy says, "Got snacks?"


Em said...

I'll be your facebook friend! I'm on there a lot, but not as often as I used to be. It's nice to keep in touch!

Chris P. said...

I gave up on Facebook after I ignored it for a couple days and came back to find I had over 55 "requests" of one kind or another. You have to slog through each one just to ignore them. Plus I got yelled at for sending a Farmville request to a friend who keeps sending ME Mafia Wars requests. Everyone's sending hugs and drinks and hearts and waterguns filled with pee and finally I just said ENOUGH! Your sons are nice--my niece was horrified when she discovered her father had a Facebook account and wanted to "friend" her. She said it was creepy.

Lisa said...

My son was horrified when he found out I had one. Made me want one even more.....sorry Kyle I gave birth to you I have a right. Funny thing now he is my friend and last night his father "I will never have one of those" got one too. I ignore all the requests and just enjoy the friendship I have found and rediscovered on there. I think Skippy needs a facebook page though.

Pixie said...

hey..wanna be my friend on facebook? hope jones griffin...