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Friday, October 16, 2009

You're Where?

I'm in Akron, Ohio. Why can't I say that without sounding like the AFLAC duck? Tomorrow, come rain, snow, or 30 degree temps, Wakefield High School Marching Band will be taking the field and competing in the Bands of America Competition.

Was I a good mother who signed up to chaperon, ride the bus for 8 hours, move props, dress the kids, take them bowling and share a room with a stranger? Aw, hell no! I flew, sat next to chatty women on one flight (we trash talked the flight attendants, sports folks, getting married, etc.), sat next to a cute, well-mannered student from Rutgers on the second flight (his mama and daddy would be proud of him for chatting to a middle aged woman for 40 minutes instead of putting in his ear buds and pretending I wasn't there), am staying in a room of my own, driving a rental car and eating with grown ups! Tomorrow, I'll be in the stands wearing my maroon (which will be covered by a tan trench coat, red and black scarf and red gloves), belting out my redneck whistle and cheering for my boy on the trombone.

I'm off to find dinner. Cracker Barrel sure would float my boat!

If you would like a chuckle about marching bands, watch this youtube commercial. Which one do you think didn't want to be in the commercial? It isn't hard to tell...

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