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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The other day, I was listening to my favorite morning radio program, Bob and the Showgram. They were playing a game. The loser had to have pink hair extensions put somewhere on their body. Bob had one on his goatee. Mike had some put on his chest hair. Poor John had some attached below the navel. They left his pink extensions long and require him to wear them over the top of his pants.

It turns out that several local hair salons are putting pink extensions in for a $10 donation. The proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research. I got on-line to find out where I could have some pink put in my hair! Salon Kroma is where we wound up.

Since I don't have any daughters to go do crazy stuff with me, my friend Lisa's daughter, Grey, said she would do it with me. She looks so gorgeous all the time, but the pink shows off her really fun personality! Nicole at Salon Kroma put two pink extensions in my hair and one in Grey's.

So, why do this? It's a fun way to remember my sister-in-law, Peatra Martin Mathieson, who would have dyed her whole head pink. She was a practical joker with the best big grin I ever saw. Almost 14 years ago, she lost her battle with breast cancer at the WAY too young age of 33.

So much progress has been made since 1996. This is evident in the friends who are beating the big C. Susie is my good friend and used-to-be business partner. Herceptin keeps this feisty girl in control of her cancer. Janet, my favorite auctioneer, is a huge supporter and fund raiser for Relay for Life. Dee has friends who walk with and in honor of her every year. Bob proves that breast cancer doesn't affect just women! My mom's best friends, Patsy and Annette, are proof that healthy, happy lives do come after cancer.

I asked Grey if she knew anyone who had breast cancer. She did not. In the words of Grey, "I got pink hair in honor of all women who have breast cancer."


Jenny S said...

Awesome!!! On behalf of women everywhere and Mom...thank you!

Mary said...

Fabulous post Anna way to go! Love the pink in your hair - I've gotta get one of those!!

I would encourage Bob to get one -if he had hair to extend!! As he's had breast cancer he tries to educate men about what can happen to them. It is nothing to be ashamed about - if you have a lump or inverted nipple - have it checked immediately guys!!

It is a terrible disease, as is all cancer. Having been there too, I am all for early detection for both women and men - this is the only way to save lives until something better comes along.

Em said...

Wow - that is SO cool! I want to get one!

Vintage Christine said...

Hurray for Grey! I would love to get a pink extension--I'll check around here to see if any of the salons are doing that. It was pretty cool to watch football the other weekend and see those big tough guys with pink shoelaces and armbands! My grandmother died with breast cancer; so far the rest of us have been lucky, thank God.