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Monday, October 19, 2009

Look What was in My Mailbox!

When I got home from Ohio yesterday, there was a pile of mail on the kitchen table awaiting my attention. Since it is usually bills and junk mail, I was thrilled to see a card with real handwriting and Halloween stickers all over it. I was even more thrilled to see it was from my buddy Chris. (We seem to be twins separated at birth about a decade apart! See her blog to see what I mean... But, I digress...

I opened the card which looked to be straight out of the 20's and busted out laughing at what was inside. I think it is best to show you in photos. It required a little bit of preparation...

This is my truck before. I had to wash some dirt off the window.

This is my truck after. Can you see what was added? Need a closer look?

Meet Mudflap Man!

My redneck, old-men auction buddies are going to love this! My husband says he doesn't think he can drive the truck with this on it. My son thinks people passing me are going to think I like fat chicks! All I know is it makes me laugh! Thanks Chris! I think you need to plan a trip to NC. Maybe I need to head to Mississippi. Wonder where the midway mark is?

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Vintage Christine said...

Isn't Disney World about mid-way??? Ha ha. No, I'll come up there--I LOVE North Carolina and there's no reason to come to Mississippi unless you're on your way to New Orleans. Mudflap Man is soooooo sexy!