Chickens in the Basement

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Really Close Up!

Ya'll are familiar with my Skippy. He's the baby chick I raised to roosterhood. He lived in my house, then in the garage, and finally in the hen house. He hangs out in the basement with me whenever I'm working on a project. But his favorite spot to see me is on the front porch. Why? Because that is where he and the girls get snacks from the kitchen!

The other day, I was feeding them scraps of cinnamon toast when Skippy's feathers caught the sun. I grabbed my camera and started snapping...

Feathers are different colors on different parts of his body.

His dangly parts keep getting bigger. And, they are warm!

This part feels like old Twizzlers...a little stiff and a little bendy.

Skippy's toes are a little creepy! Thank heavens he has feathers on his feet!

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Vintage Christine said...

At last! Someone with a wattle bigger than mine. Plus mine's not that red. What's a wattle for on a chicken, anyway? I know women have them to get the senior discount without asking.

Chicken Boys said...

Is he cochin? That would explain the feathered feet! He's a pretty rooster. He's colored like my bantam couple, Bucky and China. China still has three baby chicks. They're about a month old now, I guess.

Mary said...

He's sure handsome now he's a grown up!

Loved the 'orange man' story - hopefully he wasn't in shorts and tank top!!