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Friday, February 6, 2009

Garden Chores for February

This weekend is supposed to be much warmer. I'm ready to be thrown into the yard and told not to return to the house until dark!

I think I'll drag out my lawn mower, raise the blades and cut back my liriope. If it is cut back in February, the new growth hasn't started yet, so you won't chop off the tops of the leaves you'll be seeing for the next year. Pruning now also eliminates the old brownish leaves from last year.

I'll clean out the chicken house and spread fresh hay. This chore is long overdue! Fortunately, the cold weather has kept the smell down, and my chickens don't complain much! As long as they have food and water and other chickens to snuggle up to, they are happy! I'll wait for the completed clean-up to take photos!

My rose garden has been neglected, too. I should have pruned them last month but plead too cold. I messed up three years ago and pruned my roses to about ankle height instead of thigh high. I don't know what made me think this was a good idea! I lost a few plants to my stupidity, but my favorites survived.

Our fire pit is loaded with limbs, clippings, and rotting logs. We'll take advantage of the calm weather and have a bon fire. Bring out the marshmallows and hotdogs! While watching the fire, I want to dig up some smaller ferns and native plants to create terariums in some clear glass jars I've been collecting.

To hold myself accountable for these chores, I promise I will post pictures by Monday to prove it is done. If I don't take care of my chores, NO COMPUTER TIME FOR ME!

I have my list! Let's hope the weatherman is correct!

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Jenny S said...

Hey, I have lots of monkey grass to cut back if you get bored!! hehehe!!